Dana Foods

Dana Foods case study provided by ProCopy, a Flex Technology Group company


About Dana Foods

Dana Foods strives to provide our customers with competitive pricing, quality products, and the best service possible since they started in 1996. They operate in Hillsboro, WI and in Chandler, AZ.


  • Used banks of HP ink-jet printers
  • Label production had issues with with delays in short run in-house printing
  • Product waste due to minimum level quantity requirements from there outsourcing relationships


  • We introduced a in-house, high-speed print device to alleviate short run speed issues and provide the production level capabilities to produce high volumes with zero waste.
  • To overcome concerns Dana Foods provided ProCopya sample label media to test. After testing and presenting the results, Dana Foods were satisfied to take ownership of the initial system.


  • Increase in productivity
  • A short term ROI due to cost reduction from previous production techniques
  • Eliminated customers HP printers and reduced dependency on outside print vendor.
  • A solid referral customer in the manufacturing space.