Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Modern Phone System Features for Businesses

Modern Phone Systems are key to proper communication, and is central to a successful business venture. The ability for a business to communicate effectively with other/different businesses helps it market its offers, correct feedback and serve the market effectively. The phone technology has improved over the years giving the business more tools to communicate effectively. Below are some of the most essential and common modern phone features for the business.

Automatic Follow me, Find me and Call Forward

This is a feature where the caller is redirected through alternative devices until he or she gets someone to answer the call or is invited to leave a message to the recipient.

When a call comes to the office extension and there is no one to answer, it is routed to the smartphone of the recipient. If still not available, it is routed to a colleague’s number or the caller asked to leave a message. This helps the business track callers and reach them as fast as possible even when employees are not in office.

Auto Attendant

Auto attendant replaces human attendants and receives callers, greets them, gives them a list of options and the redirects their calls to the right department or extension. Auto attendants lower the costs of having to hire call attendants and ensure that clients get to the right departments without much ado. It also shows professionalism.

Conference Calling

As businesses spread across different locations, there is always a need to come together and deliberate about some few issues. The conference-calling feature enables colleagues and customers to set up a meeting across different locations without having to travel to a single location. This saves the business valuable time as wells as the cost of travel. It also reduces the carbon footprint of a business.

Call Management Platform

Managing a phone system with several lines, VOIP, and other features can be cumbersome and time consuming. Luckily, it is now possible to manage the phone system in one platform or a single online portal. The system administrator can update the list of contacts, assign calling quotas to employees, generate reports, add new extension, and configure the auto attendant and much more. The company offering the service can also log into the system and do maintenance of the system remotely.

Easy management of your phone system helps in lowering cost, troubleshooting problems and saving time when putting the phone system in order. The administrator does not even need to be a highly trained expert in phone systems to run a phone management system.

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