Most Common Types of Copier Repairs

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Photocopiers are a must in every office, without one life for those in that office could be quite troublesome and with the most common types of copier repairs being continuous, a copier that eternally gives trouble could cause any one’s patience to be tested.

Hence it would be in the best interests of the smooth working of the office and the nerves of those within to ensure that the photocopier is kept in perfect order by contracting regular service and maintenance to professionals.

In the meantime knowing a little about the workings of the photocopier and how to handle it and few tips to get those little common problems sorted when it happens would be a asset to have around.

Some common problems faced by office staff who handle’ photocopiers are listed below and steps that could be taken to sort it out when it happens are also provided for the benefit of users.


Spots on pages

Black spots on pages are one common problem that occurs in photocopiers which could be for simple reasons like debris on the glass and mirror.

Thoroughly cleaning the glass and mirror should solve the problem but if the problem persists then replacing the drum would be advisable.


Copies not clear

Modern photocopiers are built to provide perfect copies of whatever you would want a copy of but if the copy that you receive is too dark or not dark enough then it should be a problem with the settings to dark and light which is clearly marked on the copier.

Adjusting the required copy darkness would solve the problem if not it could be that the toner is exhausted and a replacement is necessary.


Wrinkled paper

The copy could be perfect but the paper that is coming out of the machine is wrinkled which would be that the paper feed into machine is faulty in which case taking out all the paper and properly feeding it into the photocopier should take care of the problem.

If the problem persists then it could be that the feeder and exit rollers have seen better days and would need to be replaced.

Defective paper feed trays and fuser assemblies could also cause this problem having a professional to look at it would be necessary.


Copier jams

This is the most common problem that occurs and plays on the patience of office staff especially when copies are needed fast.

Incorrect paper size could be one issue or improper alignment of paper into the copier could be another which could be sorted out by checking and placing the paper to be fed in properly.

Dust particles could also cause this as feed tires if not cleaned regularly could malfunction and another issue could be the lack of proper regular servicing of the photocopier.


Lines on paper

Lines on paper could be a major irritant which could be caused due to drum and developer malfunction or drum blade and fusers are not efficiently working which would need looked at by a professional.

Keeping the glass clean could also solve this problem.

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