Managed Network Services

managed services

How Managed Network Services has changed over the years

Managed network services involve outsourcing the IT needs to a qualified IT company so that the business can handle its core business. Managed network services helps the company lower its IT expenses while taking advantage of the best skills and systems in the field of IT.

Before the term managed IT services, the service used to be called IT help and was only available when systems at the workplace broke up. Thus, when a computer or the printer had broken down, a specialist would have been called out and repaired it for a high fee.

Since there were very few companies offering the service in the early 1990s, the PC manufacturer was the same person that was servicing it.  There were few manufacturers at the time and you were not guaranteed that the system would work for long after it had been repaired. This break/fix model relied on the system to break down for it to be repaired. It was also time consuming and ineffective.

Service becomes a habit

After several years of break/fix model, the IT professionals became very efficient. They would visit the premises and check the IT systems even if there was no problem with them. They would check the logs and any clues that showed that there was a problem. There was also checklists to ascertain that the systems were working properly. Between the visits, if any of the systems broke down, it was up to the customer to call the technician to repair the system. Sometimes this took too long and led to the loss of business. Some companies were fortunate to have an on-site technician to handle a few problems here and there before the next servicing.

Managed Services                                   

After years of the habitual servicing and repair, there was a need of an automated model that could help the IT service companies, software and hardware developers to know what was wrong or was likely to be wrong with the system and look for ways to rectify it in good time. This led to the development of network management protocols to enable remote monitoring, diagnosis and repair. Most of the IT systems were now advanced to a level that they could be diagnosed remotely. This model was very expensive at first and was only available to big firms. However, managed IT services have become less complex and available to small business too. They are now cheaper than hiring an on-site technician team to monitor the systems. For a review of Managed Network Services for your company, call Action Imaging Group today!

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