Cloud Based Phone Systems

cloud based phone systems

Any start up, or business in transition will tell you..a good to great phone system is a game changer. With Cloud based phone systems being all the chatter, we thought we would give you our opinion on the matter.

Cloud based phone systems are phone services that your business can purchase on the Internet. Rather than maintaining phone system software on a server (a.k.a. a Private Branch Exchange, or PBX) in your office, you can purchase cloud phone system service from a provider and pay on a subscription basis.

What exactly are the benefits of a cloud based phone system for you and your business? And what are the drawbacks? Here’s a look at the biggest pros and cons of these services.

Cloud Phone System Pros

Cost Savings

Cloud systems that switch over to VOIP can reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40%. Those same small businesses reduce the cost of their international calls by up to 90%.

A sizeable number of cloud VoIP providers charge less per minute than leading landline phone services. No matter what your call volume and usage, it’s almost guaranteed that a cloud based phone system will cost you less each month than a landline service.

Unlimited minutes packages are economical for call centers with high traffic, while Pay as You Go models can accommodate those businesses who use minutes sparingly. And hosted platforms don’t require you to purchase expensive hardware that needs maintenance and installation, saving you quite a bit.

Cloud System Cons

Switching to a cloud based phone system may require you to purchase equipment to get up and running. With a hosted cloud system, you will need to purchase IP Phones if you don’t already have them. These phones are typically priced in economy ranges and require an Ethernet port to operate, meaning you may need a bigger router, and more Ethernet cords.

Outside Disruptions

If your Internet Service Provider is fairly reliable, and your cloud phone system has high redundancy, you won’t have to worry about dropped calls and connections. But if you have an ISP that frequently drops your Internet service, it will critically disrupt your cloud based phone system. Of course, if you find an acceptable ISP, the problem will be solved. The issue only becomes serious for those who are locked into sub par Internet providers through contracts.

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