Expensive Copiers

Expensive Copiers 

It is not always cheap to get a quality copier because the more efficient a printer will sometimes cost more money to buy. There are though, really expensive copiers out there! You need to conduct thorough research about copiers and come up with the best that meets all your objectives without considering the amount it will cost you to buy. We usually try to talk about features and reliability, but today we’re going a different direction. Below , we have listed some of the highest costing machines and some of their features.

IBM Info Print 2085

IBM Info Print 2085 has a broad range of features that adds to its flexibility and efficiency and makes it the most expensive copier worldwide. The printer has an excellent paper storage space that can hold up to 7,550 sheets and is also a high-speed printer capable of printing 85 high-resolution pages every single minute.  The copier is a multi-functioning printing system which is capable of printing and photocopying. Its paper holding capacity allows it to intertwine different colored stock with no payments on manual insertion. The copier can roughly cost you around $31,000.

HP Laserjet 1160

This custom copier is also a functioning printer just like the IBM Info Print 2085 but is smaller in size. The printer is normally coated in 24 karat gold that has made it worth around $20,000. It gives you a high-quality printout with the great features in it. HP Laserjet 1160 is capable of photocopying and printing a large quantity of work in few minutes. This machine was available in Dubai only.

Lexmark X854e MPF

This printer has a great deal for paper storage space of approximately 5100 sheets allowing making it capable of printing 55 pages per minute. The multifunctional laser printer does not only handle a large volume of paper with its speed, but it also helps in the provision of security measures for the communication network and data such as the hard disk data wiping and security sockets layer. The functionality of this printer makes it cost approximately $17,000.

Xerox Phaser 7400DXF

Most of the Xerox Phaser printers are usually inexpensive, but Xerox Phaser 7400DXF has a typically high price tag than the rest. Its high speed of printing a massive number of papers within a minute and its large paper storage space greatly contributes to its high price of $7,600. It boosts with a speed of printing 40 pages in a minute.

Canon Image PROGRAF W8200

The image PROGRAF w8200 copier is a wide format printer that utilizes a one-inch printhead with 7,600 nozzles the printer takes approximately two minutes produce a color page.  It has a capability of supporting up to 44-inch wide paper roll. With the great features of the printer, it can cost you $7,200.

If you found this list to be extreme, call Action Imaging Group today, for more reasonable options to fit every budget!

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