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How to save time and money with document management solutions

Every day, individuals in a company create hundreds of documents. It may take someone forever to trace those spreadsheet or world documents that you took your time to compile. Document management solutions help organize the documents to improve communication and access to the electronic documents.

 Why it is important to manage the documents

Different people could work on a single document in the company. Locating it is a hit-miss experience. You have to know the last person that had the document and find where he or she decided to store the document. Statistically speaking, a company loses 150 working hours a year looking for documents. Here is how the document management programs help save time.

  • Folder and tags

Windows operating systems only allows you to organize the documents in folders and sub-folders. However, you may forget the document name. A document management system allows you to label the documents so to know the kid of the content that is in them. Searching for the document is as easy as searching for the tag.

  • Easy search features

The DMS has a feature that allows you to search the documents quickly. Most software have advanced search features that let you search the files with a multiple search criteria. There is even OCR for the scanned documents to help you trace them fast.

  • Index different document types

The DMS helps you index information about the file. For example, index information such as a check, invoice, proposal and so on. It can also help you get the indexing information such as the check number. This makes the document search really fast.

  • File integration

The DMS allows you to integrate the files into existing databases and company calendars to alert the staff on upcoming tasks and deadlines for the ongoing tasks.

  • Allows collaboration

Using the DMS, the staff can work on the same document at the same time and effect the changes in real time. This shortens the time used to correct the documents. In the same line, the DMS allows for audit trails where one can tell who worked on which document and the changes that were made. This maintains the integrity of the original document and allows for reversals.

  • Advanced security

The DMS has advanced security features to allow only the authorized users to access the information. It also allows easy backup and recovery to enable retrieval in case of a disaster or theft.

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