Copier Repair Checklist

copier repair checklist

Copier Repair Checklist

When your copier or printer goes down, that can hurt office productivity. When you need documents printed or copied, you need them printed then and there. It’s important to keep a copier repair checklist.

Like your car , your multi-functional printer is a complicated piece of equipment that has lots of moving parts. Also, like your car, even with proper maintenance, parts will wear and need to be replaced and sometimes it’ll just get a flat tire and you have to fix it.

To mix metaphors, if your office equipment stops working, you aren’t driving anywhere that day. Keep the following issues in mind when you think about copier up-time.

Minimal Disruption Comes from Maintenance

When it comes to getting your work done, the best service is the need for no service. You need to do the equivalent of rotating your tires and changing the oil to keep your equipment running smoothly. If you have a maintenance contract with us or another company – great, your equipment is regularly checked to ensure maximum productivity. Even if you do, here are a few quick preventative tips for simple copier and printer maintenance:

  1.      Don’t, take anything apart yourself, you break it, you buy it.
  2.      Dust your copier regularly.
  3.      Clean the copier glass regularly.
  4.      Don’t spill anything on (or in) it.
  5.      If there’s a regular issue, call in your IT staff or your maintenance partner.

Also, be sure to match your output volume with the equipment you ultimately select. Any piece of office equipment regularly running higher than its monthly duty cycle will be more likely to break down.

When the Copier Breaks – Why You Need a Good Partner

repair_copier_service_maintenance_printer At some point , a copier will “crash,” whether Jim in finance spilled his coffee into the machine’s innards or through general wear and tear, it’ll happen. This is where having a good partner in your copier service provider is key to making your life easier.

Look for a sticker/label on the front or side of the machine and call your copier maintenance contract provider from the number on the sticker.

You and your partner will have already established service level agreements based on how essential your multi-function copier is to your office productivity. You want someone who will be accessible and have a technician dispatched to attend to your equipment within four hours – faster if possible. You also want a copier repair and maintenance partner with a high-percentage of first call resolution (that’s industry-speak for: fix the problem with the copier on the first visit).*

There are two other reasons to have a maintenance contract partner:

  1.      They’ll likely have the parts for your equipment in stock, if not already in the service technician’s vehicle. You can call in copier repair on an ad-hoc basis, but quality and part available (and thus first call resolution) will also vary.
  2.      No non-budgeted expenses.




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