Fastest Business Copiers


Fastest Business Copiers 

In order to run a business effectively, a copier is one of the pieces of equipment that is crucial in running business activities. A good copier should be multi-functional that is it can handle copying, printing, scanning, emailing, and downloading. Three factors come into play when choosing a copier: printing volume, printing speed, and graphic capabilities.

With regards to the same, below are the fastest copiers you can choose for your business:

Ricoh Aficio MP 9002

Ricoh Aficio MP 9002 is an all-in-one copier that you can rely on in times of high production. The copier produces 90 pages per minute with a high resolution of 1200dpi. In addition to having a wide range of document finishing options, this machine is innovatively designed to support mixed media and security options.

Canon Vario Print 110

Canon Vario Print 110 is the fastest printer in its class with an output speed of 113 images per minute. The touchscreen operator panel is 15” in size and the machine can handle a capacity of 4000 sheets of A3 size. The copier’s design allows for expansion and the copier can literally handle any copying task assigned to it.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C754e

Konica Minolta’s bizhub C754 is a high-speed and high-volume copier that easily integrates with various office work flows. The 9” multi-touch display displays the print, copying, and scanning options and the output for A4 copies is 60 copies per minute.

Sharp MX-M1054

Sharp MX-M1054 is a multifunction copier that produces 105 A4 pages per minute. This machine is designed to work in high-volume productions as the standard sheet capacity can be increased to 13500 from 3100. You also get to enjoy other options such as curl correction, insertion, trimming, and page stapling.


Xerox D95A

Xerox D95A’s specifications are nothing but super impressive; the copies are produced at a rate of 95 pages per minute and come with a resolution of 2400 dpi. In addition, the paper capacity can be increased to 8050 sheets from 2050. This copier works well with a document workflow system and is environmentally sustainable.

Canon Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+

Canon’s Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+ is a high-speed and reliable copier that has a paper capacity of 24000 and produces 314 A4 pages per minute. This machine has the ability to operate nonstop for four hours. You may also add other document finishing options to enhance document productivity and quality.

If you are searching for a copier for your business or simply need to replace your existing one, you need to ensure you get the right product the first time. Specify what you need in a copier as the specifications will guide you in your search.

How Managed Printing Services saves you time and money

managed printing services

Many companies wonder how managed printing services saves you time and money . In many companies, the IT department is tasked with the work of managing the print services in all the offices. This involves connecting the printers to the machines, repairing and supporting the print environment. Every time that there is a problem, the IT person rushes to the printer to handle the problem if not online service.

Unfortunately, IT people are not the print experts. It takes time for them to diagnose a problem and look for a solution. All this time, anyone that needs to make copies has to seek printing services, which are overly expensive. At the same time, the IT team leaves whatever they are doing to handle the problem. If the company has several offices supported by a central team, it really disrupts the work schedule of the team. This can drag important projects well past the deadline especially if the printers are breaking down frequently.

What are managed print services?

Managed Print services involve monitoring copiers and printers from a given remote location. From the location, they can predict the problems that may occur, schedule regular maintenance services and repair the printer when it breaks down unexpectedly.

They also work with the businesses to control the use of the printer in order to cut the costs. It cuts down on unauthorized use of the printers as well as what can be printed or not. This may include setting up quotas and restricting printing. In addition, the print experts advise you on when to upgrade your equipment and what would work for your organization in terms of efficiency and monthly printing cycle.

The use of managed printing serves frees the IT team from managing and supporting the printing environment so that they do other work.

Many companies that offer the service can provide you with another printing machine as they work on repairing your printer. You will also not lose your employees to looking for a suitable technician to handle the repairs.

The cost of maintaining a printer is higher than paying for managed printer services. On the other hand, your printer is repaired by an expert in the field ensuring quality services. Moreover, you bid goodbye to such embarrassing situations as running out of ink, having roller problems and forgetting about regular maintenance.

In essence, with managed printing services, you just print and worry less about what needs to be done about the printer at a little monthly cost.

The Most Expensive Copier Repairs

choosing copiers

The Most Expensive Copier Repairs

Like all other tech gadgets, the copier has seen a massive improvement in capacity and functionality. The modern copier also acts as a printer, scanner, and fax. The copier of today can print in color, churning out thousands of pages in one hour.  High capacity networked copiers can store large amounts of data in memory and are highly programmable on how to put this data on paper.

This sophistry has come from more complicated internal circuits, memory drives, imaging units and printing heads. When some of these parts get damaged or broken the repair costs can be quite expensive. Some of these units cost hundreds of dollars to repair if the whole unit is to be replaced.

Digital controls and components

Digital control units differ in copiers, but their basic function is to give an interface for the user to give instructions to the copier such as the number of copies, color density, collating, and so on.   In older copiers, the digital controls are in button form. Newer machines have touchpads.

Digital copiers also work differently in imaging. They use a charge couple device which senses light reflections before they hit the drum. This is then converted into a digital image which is projected onto the drum by laser projectors.

Failure of digital components can write off a copier. In the case of a disaster like flooding, replacing digital controls and components could be in the hundreds of dollars.

Imaging unit

All copiers have a transparent plate and an exposure lamp. When a paper is placed on the transparent plate, the exposure lamp illuminates it, and the reflection is then captured. In the traditional copier, this reflection is projected onto the drum which is covered in photosensitive film. This film attracts electrical charge according to the image. A thin wire then attracts toner onto the image.

In digital copiers, the charge couple device captures the reflection and changes it into a digital image which is then projected onto the drum.

Failure of the imaging units and the optics translate into major repair costs.  Some of these units like the laser projector in digital copiers are very expensive.

Fuser unit

The fuser binds the toner on the paper on a heated drum.  Excess toner is cleaned off by a magnetic roller and a cleaning blade. This unit is highly susceptible to failure because of the heat and clogging by excess toner. Damage to one component of this unit usually means replacing the entire unit. Depending on the copier, a fuser unit could cost from $60 upwards.

Expensive Copiers

Expensive Copiers 

It is not always cheap to get a quality copier because the more efficient a printer will sometimes cost more money to buy. There are though, really expensive copiers out there! You need to conduct thorough research about copiers and come up with the best that meets all your objectives without considering the amount it will cost you to buy. We usually try to talk about features and reliability, but today we’re going a different direction. Below , we have listed some of the highest costing machines and some of their features.

IBM Info Print 2085

IBM Info Print 2085 has a broad range of features that adds to its flexibility and efficiency and makes it the most expensive copier worldwide. The printer has an excellent paper storage space that can hold up to 7,550 sheets and is also a high-speed printer capable of printing 85 high-resolution pages every single minute.  The copier is a multi-functioning printing system which is capable of printing and photocopying. Its paper holding capacity allows it to intertwine different colored stock with no payments on manual insertion. The copier can roughly cost you around $31,000.

HP Laserjet 1160

This custom copier is also a functioning printer just like the IBM Info Print 2085 but is smaller in size. The printer is normally coated in 24 karat gold that has made it worth around $20,000. It gives you a high-quality printout with the great features in it. HP Laserjet 1160 is capable of photocopying and printing a large quantity of work in few minutes. This machine was available in Dubai only.

Lexmark X854e MPF

This printer has a great deal for paper storage space of approximately 5100 sheets allowing making it capable of printing 55 pages per minute. The multifunctional laser printer does not only handle a large volume of paper with its speed, but it also helps in the provision of security measures for the communication network and data such as the hard disk data wiping and security sockets layer. The functionality of this printer makes it cost approximately $17,000.

Xerox Phaser 7400DXF

Most of the Xerox Phaser printers are usually inexpensive, but Xerox Phaser 7400DXF has a typically high price tag than the rest. Its high speed of printing a massive number of papers within a minute and its large paper storage space greatly contributes to its high price of $7,600. It boosts with a speed of printing 40 pages in a minute.

Canon Image PROGRAF W8200

The image PROGRAF w8200 copier is a wide format printer that utilizes a one-inch printhead with 7,600 nozzles the printer takes approximately two minutes produce a color page.  It has a capability of supporting up to 44-inch wide paper roll. With the great features of the printer, it can cost you $7,200.

If you found this list to be extreme, call Action Imaging Group today, for more reasonable options to fit every budget!

Business Phone Systems

phone systems

Business Phone Systems

Phone systems are pivotal for businesses to communicate with fellow employees and customers and you are deciding on what you should have, but there are a lot of different options out there. For your small business, you want to get the greatest quality phone systems you can get for the money you have put into it, and we support that. You want efficiency, reliability, and simplicity, but you might not be sure what exactly that implies. The following is a short guide to help you figure out What To Expect in the Best Business Phone Systems.


Phone System Flexibility

The best business phone systems will allow you to have real flexibility with what constitutes as a business phone. Certainly, not all people working in your business will be in the office but people will still be calling for them. A flexible phone system will allow you to connect mobile phones and your business phone system via the internet, which will enable calls to be forwarded straight to whoever’s phone is needed, wherever, all through the same number.


Phone System Reliability

A superb phone system will be extremely reliable, otherwise it’s like buying a Ferrari put together will Elmer’s Glue. You payed for something that looks nice out of the box but falls apart when you need it. Reliability is a key factor to maintain in every business, so it is extremely necessary to have something as widely used as your phone system be the same.



Your system should offer you a variety of features to aid you in a variety of different situations you may find yourself in. These features can include, though certainly are not limited to, voicemail-to-email messaging allowing you to hear your business line voicemails from any personal device or computer. As well as auto-receptionists, for the occasions where a receptionist is not available, as you never want to leave a potential customer on voicemail if you can help it.


Easy To Use

Using your phone system should not feel like you need a degree in Telecommunication, but rather be quick and simple, as your business needs to run at maximum efficiency, and certainly not be slowed down by a lack of communication. Your system should allow anyone to whom you desire to take control of reception to learn relatively quick, and furthermore allow anybody in the office utilize it to their needs in any given situation without time-consuming difficulties.

Overall, you want what you came for. You need to be able to connect people and communicate freely without technology infringement, but instead it’s enhancement. You want overall ease of access and the peace of mind that a reliable phone system provides, as well as a wide variety of useful features your entire business will be sure to enjoy. If you’re trying to figure out what to expect in the best phones systems, these are key aspects to keep your eye on that you do not want to leave out.

Repairs Needed for Your Copier


The Most Common Repairs Needed for Your Copier

Anyone who has ever owned a copier or printer has probably ran into more than a few problems along the way. It seems that when it comes to buying these machines we are accepting the inevitable fate of having to play mechanic and experiment with a variety of different methods to fix seemingly simple and common problems that appear. That’s why I have come up with a list of The Most Common Repairs Needed for Your Copier and how you can probably fix them.


Paper Jam

Paper jams appear the most often and among the most frustrating issue. Perfectly good paper goes in, and crushed useless paper, sometimes, comes out. Paper jams can be caused by inserting the wrong paper size into the copier or not having the paper properly aligned before it gets used. These cause the paper to get pulled in incorrectly and will require you to manually remove the jammed paper yourself.



Streaks are disheartening, just when you think it’s all going right, your paper comes out with thin black bars or other obscure marks on it. This could be caused by something on the scanner glass and would require you to remove it and clean it and the mirrors. Other potential errors most likely lead to drum, drum blade, developer, or fuse malfunctions and are best to have the broken pieces replaced.



If the prints are coming out faded, then you most likely just need to replace your toner with a fresh cartridge and it should work good as new, but there may also be a malfunction. The cartridge may be a dud or it may just be the wrong one for your unit. Bring or send the fault cartridge back from where you purchased it along with the bad prints and request a replacement with the proper version.


Crumbled Pages

You want your pages to come out looking fresh and neat, not like they were just in some sort of underground copier street fight. If they are coming out this way, your exit rollers and feed are probably worn out. If this seems to be the issue, you’ll need to bring in a professional to fix it. It can also be an old paper tray, which can easily be replaced.

There are some of the most common repairs needed for your copier, with their most common solutions. It’s important to note with any problem you are not 100% sure you are able to fix or possess the ability to fix, contact your copier provider or a technician first, as attempting to take apart your copier could lead to further problems.

Finding a Copier Leasing Company

How to find the right copier leasing company

Finding the right company for leasing a copier for your business is a daunting task. Renting a photocopier is one way of minimizing a large initial capital required in purchasing one. Before choosing the right copier leasing company, you need to conduct some homework on your own business and evaluate the type of copier you would wish to have. Lease contract for a copier should be based on the number of pages the copier can print per month and so you will need to determine your print load. After determining your print job you need to narrow your search for a copier model because with the Action Imaging Products, a lower monthly volume will also imply fewer requirements for a page per minute.

The type of copier the company leases

It’s necessary to consider the type of copier the company is leasing, most of the current copiers are multifunctional, and they combine all the function of a scanner, printer, fax machine, and photocopier. It would be necessary to lease a copier that combines most of the tasks rather than having multiple outdated machines.

Is the company accredited?

Some of the leasing companies may not be approved to lease its equipment. It is therefore always necessary to the credibility and trust of the leasing company you want to work with by simply checking with the Better Business Bureau. Confirming the company credibility with the Bureau instills confidence and assurance of the quality you will get from their service.

The kind of support the leasing representatives provide

The kind of support you are likely to get from the representatives of the company you choose after leasing the copier is paramount in making you decisions. The leasing company should offer support through its representatives like installation of the copier and also frequent maintenance after sometimes which should be stated clearly in the agreement.

Payment options

The primary purpose of you opting to lease a copier for your business is simply because of a limitation to capital or revenues of purchasing one and owning it forever. Thus, when you decide to lease one you need to consider whether the company you choose offers different payment options. Look for one that has several payment options like down payments or paying in monthly installments.

Does the company allow price negotiation?

Whenever you require leasing a copier, it is paramount to establish whether the company you choose does provide room for negotiating the leasing price and select one that encourages negotiation since it’s a very crucial aspect. The negation will help you save money both in the long and short term. However, when negotiating the price of the lease, you should also consider quality and efficiency of the copier that will fully satisfy your needs. Pay attention to the number of pages the copier can print per day.

Company’s policy on broken down copiers

It’s important to check the company’s leasing policy on the broken copiers or equipment and their maintenance timetable, though it’s a necessity for most of the leasing companies to include maintenance and operating agreements.

Managed Network Services

managed services

How Managed Network Services has changed over the years

Managed network services involve outsourcing the IT needs to a qualified IT company so that the business can handle its core business. Managed network services helps the company lower its IT expenses while taking advantage of the best skills and systems in the field of IT.

Before the term managed IT services, the service used to be called IT help and was only available when systems at the workplace broke up. Thus, when a computer or the printer had broken down, a specialist would have been called out and repaired it for a high fee.

Since there were very few companies offering the service in the early 1990s, the PC manufacturer was the same person that was servicing it.  There were few manufacturers at the time and you were not guaranteed that the system would work for long after it had been repaired. This break/fix model relied on the system to break down for it to be repaired. It was also time consuming and ineffective.

Service becomes a habit

After several years of break/fix model, the IT professionals became very efficient. They would visit the premises and check the IT systems even if there was no problem with them. They would check the logs and any clues that showed that there was a problem. There was also checklists to ascertain that the systems were working properly. Between the visits, if any of the systems broke down, it was up to the customer to call the technician to repair the system. Sometimes this took too long and led to the loss of business. Some companies were fortunate to have an on-site technician to handle a few problems here and there before the next servicing.

Managed Services                                   

After years of the habitual servicing and repair, there was a need of an automated model that could help the IT service companies, software and hardware developers to know what was wrong or was likely to be wrong with the system and look for ways to rectify it in good time. This led to the development of network management protocols to enable remote monitoring, diagnosis and repair. Most of the IT systems were now advanced to a level that they could be diagnosed remotely. This model was very expensive at first and was only available to big firms. However, managed IT services have become less complex and available to small business too. They are now cheaper than hiring an on-site technician team to monitor the systems. For a review of Managed Network Services for your company, call Action Imaging Group today!

Document Management Systems

top 5 reasons to buy a copier

How to save time and money with document management solutions

Every day, individuals in a company create hundreds of documents. It may take someone forever to trace those spreadsheet or world documents that you took your time to compile. Document management solutions help organize the documents to improve communication and access to the electronic documents.

 Why it is important to manage the documents

Different people could work on a single document in the company. Locating it is a hit-miss experience. You have to know the last person that had the document and find where he or she decided to store the document. Statistically speaking, a company loses 150 working hours a year looking for documents. Here is how the document management programs help save time.

  • Folder and tags

Windows operating systems only allows you to organize the documents in folders and sub-folders. However, you may forget the document name. A document management system allows you to label the documents so to know the kid of the content that is in them. Searching for the document is as easy as searching for the tag.

  • Easy search features

The DMS has a feature that allows you to search the documents quickly. Most software have advanced search features that let you search the files with a multiple search criteria. There is even OCR for the scanned documents to help you trace them fast.

  • Index different document types

The DMS helps you index information about the file. For example, index information such as a check, invoice, proposal and so on. It can also help you get the indexing information such as the check number. This makes the document search really fast.

  • File integration

The DMS allows you to integrate the files into existing databases and company calendars to alert the staff on upcoming tasks and deadlines for the ongoing tasks.

  • Allows collaboration

Using the DMS, the staff can work on the same document at the same time and effect the changes in real time. This shortens the time used to correct the documents. In the same line, the DMS allows for audit trails where one can tell who worked on which document and the changes that were made. This maintains the integrity of the original document and allows for reversals.

  • Advanced security

The DMS has advanced security features to allow only the authorized users to access the information. It also allows easy backup and recovery to enable retrieval in case of a disaster or theft.

Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Modern Phone System Features for Businesses

Modern Phone Systems are key to proper communication, and is central to a successful business venture. The ability for a business to communicate effectively with other/different businesses helps it market its offers, correct feedback and serve the market effectively. The phone technology has improved over the years giving the business more tools to communicate effectively. Below are some of the most essential and common modern phone features for the business.

Automatic Follow me, Find me and Call Forward

This is a feature where the caller is redirected through alternative devices until he or she gets someone to answer the call or is invited to leave a message to the recipient.

When a call comes to the office extension and there is no one to answer, it is routed to the smartphone of the recipient. If still not available, it is routed to a colleague’s number or the caller asked to leave a message. This helps the business track callers and reach them as fast as possible even when employees are not in office.

Auto Attendant

Auto attendant replaces human attendants and receives callers, greets them, gives them a list of options and the redirects their calls to the right department or extension. Auto attendants lower the costs of having to hire call attendants and ensure that clients get to the right departments without much ado. It also shows professionalism.

Conference Calling

As businesses spread across different locations, there is always a need to come together and deliberate about some few issues. The conference-calling feature enables colleagues and customers to set up a meeting across different locations without having to travel to a single location. This saves the business valuable time as wells as the cost of travel. It also reduces the carbon footprint of a business.

Call Management Platform

Managing a phone system with several lines, VOIP, and other features can be cumbersome and time consuming. Luckily, it is now possible to manage the phone system in one platform or a single online portal. The system administrator can update the list of contacts, assign calling quotas to employees, generate reports, add new extension, and configure the auto attendant and much more. The company offering the service can also log into the system and do maintenance of the system remotely.

Easy management of your phone system helps in lowering cost, troubleshooting problems and saving time when putting the phone system in order. The administrator does not even need to be a highly trained expert in phone systems to run a phone management system.