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Fastest Business Copiers


Fastest Business Copiers 

In order to run a business effectively, a copier is one of the pieces of equipment that is crucial in running business activities. A good copier should be multi-functional that is it can handle copying, printing, scanning, emailing, and downloading. Three factors come into play when choosing a copier: printing volume, printing speed, and graphic capabilities.

With regards to the same, below are the fastest copiers you can choose for your business:

Ricoh Aficio MP 9002

Ricoh Aficio MP 9002 is an all-in-one copier that you can rely on in times of high production. The copier produces 90 pages per minute with a high resolution of 1200dpi. In addition to having a wide range of document finishing options, this machine is innovatively designed to support mixed media and security options.

Canon Vario Print 110

Canon Vario Print 110 is the fastest printer in its class with an output speed of 113 images per minute. The touchscreen operator panel is 15” in size and the machine can handle a capacity of 4000 sheets of A3 size. The copier’s design allows for expansion and the copier can literally handle any copying task assigned to it.

Konica Minolta Bizhub C754e

Konica Minolta’s bizhub C754 is a high-speed and high-volume copier that easily integrates with various office work flows. The 9” multi-touch display displays the print, copying, and scanning options and the output for A4 copies is 60 copies per minute.

Sharp MX-M1054

Sharp MX-M1054 is a multifunction copier that produces 105 A4 pages per minute. This machine is designed to work in high-volume productions as the standard sheet capacity can be increased to 13500 from 3100. You also get to enjoy other options such as curl correction, insertion, trimming, and page stapling.


Xerox D95A

Xerox D95A’s specifications are nothing but super impressive; the copies are produced at a rate of 95 pages per minute and come with a resolution of 2400 dpi. In addition, the paper capacity can be increased to 8050 sheets from 2050. This copier works well with a document workflow system and is environmentally sustainable.

Canon Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+

Canon’s Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+ is a high-speed and reliable copier that has a paper capacity of 24000 and produces 314 A4 pages per minute. This machine has the ability to operate nonstop for four hours. You may also add other document finishing options to enhance document productivity and quality.

If you are searching for a copier for your business or simply need to replace your existing one, you need to ensure you get the right product the first time. Specify what you need in a copier as the specifications will guide you in your search.

How Managed Printing Services saves you time and money

managed printing services

Many companies wonder how managed printing services saves you time and money . In many companies, the IT department is tasked with the work of managing the print services in all the offices. This involves connecting the printers to the machines, repairing and supporting the print environment. Every time that there is a problem, the IT person rushes to the printer to handle the problem if not online service.

Unfortunately, IT people are not the print experts. It takes time for them to diagnose a problem and look for a solution. All this time, anyone that needs to make copies has to seek printing services, which are overly expensive. At the same time, the IT team leaves whatever they are doing to handle the problem. If the company has several offices supported by a central team, it really disrupts the work schedule of the team. This can drag important projects well past the deadline especially if the printers are breaking down frequently.

What are managed print services?

Managed Print services involve monitoring copiers and printers from a given remote location. From the location, they can predict the problems that may occur, schedule regular maintenance services and repair the printer when it breaks down unexpectedly.

They also work with the businesses to control the use of the printer in order to cut the costs. It cuts down on unauthorized use of the printers as well as what can be printed or not. This may include setting up quotas and restricting printing. In addition, the print experts advise you on when to upgrade your equipment and what would work for your organization in terms of efficiency and monthly printing cycle.

The use of managed printing serves frees the IT team from managing and supporting the printing environment so that they do other work.

Many companies that offer the service can provide you with another printing machine as they work on repairing your printer. You will also not lose your employees to looking for a suitable technician to handle the repairs.

The cost of maintaining a printer is higher than paying for managed printer services. On the other hand, your printer is repaired by an expert in the field ensuring quality services. Moreover, you bid goodbye to such embarrassing situations as running out of ink, having roller problems and forgetting about regular maintenance.

In essence, with managed printing services, you just print and worry less about what needs to be done about the printer at a little monthly cost.