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The Most Expensive Copier Repairs

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The Most Expensive Copier Repairs

Like all other tech gadgets, the copier has seen a massive improvement in capacity and functionality. The modern copier also acts as a printer, scanner, and fax. The copier of today can print in color, churning out thousands of pages in one hour.  High capacity networked copiers can store large amounts of data in memory and are highly programmable on how to put this data on paper.

This sophistry has come from more complicated internal circuits, memory drives, imaging units and printing heads. When some of these parts get damaged or broken the repair costs can be quite expensive. Some of these units cost hundreds of dollars to repair if the whole unit is to be replaced.

Digital controls and components

Digital control units differ in copiers, but their basic function is to give an interface for the user to give instructions to the copier such as the number of copies, color density, collating, and so on.   In older copiers, the digital controls are in button form. Newer machines have touchpads.

Digital copiers also work differently in imaging. They use a charge couple device which senses light reflections before they hit the drum. This is then converted into a digital image which is projected onto the drum by laser projectors.

Failure of digital components can write off a copier. In the case of a disaster like flooding, replacing digital controls and components could be in the hundreds of dollars.

Imaging unit

All copiers have a transparent plate and an exposure lamp. When a paper is placed on the transparent plate, the exposure lamp illuminates it, and the reflection is then captured. In the traditional copier, this reflection is projected onto the drum which is covered in photosensitive film. This film attracts electrical charge according to the image. A thin wire then attracts toner onto the image.

In digital copiers, the charge couple device captures the reflection and changes it into a digital image which is then projected onto the drum.

Failure of the imaging units and the optics translate into major repair costs.  Some of these units like the laser projector in digital copiers are very expensive.

Fuser unit

The fuser binds the toner on the paper on a heated drum.  Excess toner is cleaned off by a magnetic roller and a cleaning blade. This unit is highly susceptible to failure because of the heat and clogging by excess toner. Damage to one component of this unit usually means replacing the entire unit. Depending on the copier, a fuser unit could cost from $60 upwards.