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Business Phone Systems

phone systems

Business Phone Systems

Phone systems are pivotal for businesses to communicate with fellow employees and customers and you are deciding on what you should have, but there are a lot of different options out there. For your small business, you want to get the greatest quality phone systems you can get for the money you have put into it, and we support that. You want efficiency, reliability, and simplicity, but you might not be sure what exactly that implies. The following is a short guide to help you figure out What To Expect in the Best Business Phone Systems.


Phone System Flexibility

The best business phone systems will allow you to have real flexibility with what constitutes as a business phone. Certainly, not all people working in your business will be in the office but people will still be calling for them. A flexible phone system will allow you to connect mobile phones and your business phone system via the internet, which will enable calls to be forwarded straight to whoever’s phone is needed, wherever, all through the same number.


Phone System Reliability

A superb phone system will be extremely reliable, otherwise it’s like buying a Ferrari put together will Elmer’s Glue. You payed for something that looks nice out of the box but falls apart when you need it. Reliability is a key factor to maintain in every business, so it is extremely necessary to have something as widely used as your phone system be the same.



Your system should offer you a variety of features to aid you in a variety of different situations you may find yourself in. These features can include, though certainly are not limited to, voicemail-to-email messaging allowing you to hear your business line voicemails from any personal device or computer. As well as auto-receptionists, for the occasions where a receptionist is not available, as you never want to leave a potential customer on voicemail if you can help it.


Easy To Use

Using your phone system should not feel like you need a degree in Telecommunication, but rather be quick and simple, as your business needs to run at maximum efficiency, and certainly not be slowed down by a lack of communication. Your system should allow anyone to whom you desire to take control of reception to learn relatively quick, and furthermore allow anybody in the office utilize it to their needs in any given situation without time-consuming difficulties.

Overall, you want what you came for. You need to be able to connect people and communicate freely without technology infringement, but instead it’s enhancement. You want overall ease of access and the peace of mind that a reliable phone system provides, as well as a wide variety of useful features your entire business will be sure to enjoy. If you’re trying to figure out what to expect in the best phones systems, these are key aspects to keep your eye on that you do not want to leave out.

Repairs Needed for Your Copier


The Most Common Repairs Needed for Your Copier

Anyone who has ever owned a copier or printer has probably ran into more than a few problems along the way. It seems that when it comes to buying these machines we are accepting the inevitable fate of having to play mechanic and experiment with a variety of different methods to fix seemingly simple and common problems that appear. That’s why I have come up with a list of The Most Common Repairs Needed for Your Copier and how you can probably fix them.


Paper Jam

Paper jams appear the most often and among the most frustrating issue. Perfectly good paper goes in, and crushed useless paper, sometimes, comes out. Paper jams can be caused by inserting the wrong paper size into the copier or not having the paper properly aligned before it gets used. These cause the paper to get pulled in incorrectly and will require you to manually remove the jammed paper yourself.



Streaks are disheartening, just when you think it’s all going right, your paper comes out with thin black bars or other obscure marks on it. This could be caused by something on the scanner glass and would require you to remove it and clean it and the mirrors. Other potential errors most likely lead to drum, drum blade, developer, or fuse malfunctions and are best to have the broken pieces replaced.



If the prints are coming out faded, then you most likely just need to replace your toner with a fresh cartridge and it should work good as new, but there may also be a malfunction. The cartridge may be a dud or it may just be the wrong one for your unit. Bring or send the fault cartridge back from where you purchased it along with the bad prints and request a replacement with the proper version.


Crumbled Pages

You want your pages to come out looking fresh and neat, not like they were just in some sort of underground copier street fight. If they are coming out this way, your exit rollers and feed are probably worn out. If this seems to be the issue, you’ll need to bring in a professional to fix it. It can also be an old paper tray, which can easily be replaced.

There are some of the most common repairs needed for your copier, with their most common solutions. It’s important to note with any problem you are not 100% sure you are able to fix or possess the ability to fix, contact your copier provider or a technician first, as attempting to take apart your copier could lead to further problems.