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Copier Repair Expenses

The Expense of Copier Repair

Even with the development of business communications systems, every business requires having a copier to print some of the business correspondence, purchase orders, invoices, tender documents, memos and so much more.

Your copier requires servicing from time to time depending on the usage. Sometimes the copier breaks down and requires repairs. Consumables such as toners, waste containers, and drums require replacement after they are used up.

The cost of repairing the copiers may depend on the size, the extent of damage and the model. Moreover, copier repairs without a service agreement tend to be more expensive than copiers repairs when you have a service agreement.

The average copier for a medium sized organization makes around 8,000 copies per month of which 6,500 are black and white while the rest are colored copies

With a copier of such a size, it costs $150 per hour for an average service call. In a year, there are expected to be around five service calls. The total cost per year goes to about $750.

Toner Costs

The average black toner costs around $350. The average cost of a color toner is about $150 of which they are four. In a year, the company may need about three. This brings the total cost to about $2850

As for the waste toner, it costs an average of $100 to replace after 43,000 copies. As for the drum cartridges, they cost $390 for replacement after about 125,000 copies. The average expense for servicing the whole piece could go well past $3,500 a year.  Make sure to call Action Imaging Group before you commit.

Bringing Down the Costs

 Sign up for a Maintenance Service

To bring down the cost of repair, you may sign up to a maintenance agreement with the supplier. The cost of repair is usually lower than buying the parts and paying for the labor from the pocket. However, you need to do your calculations according to the given prices.

Train the Users on the Correct Use of the Copier

Most of the repairs result from copier misuse. It is good not to assume that everyone knows how to use a copier, have the staff instructed on the proper use and care of the machine.

Repair Small Problems on Time

Preventive measures and speedy servicing of the small problems helps lengthen the lifespan of the copier. Changing the consumables such as the waste bin, toners, and drums on time also ensure that the printer performs well. You should also read the manual on how to clean and did with each notification and alarm.

The Right Time for Toner Replacement

When is it time to change toner on your copier?

Having the toner run dry in the middle of a printing run can be very frustrating, or even lead to loss of business.  Unfortunately, toner level is one of the things that go unnoticed until the the paper to be printed comes up blank. This unfortunate situation can be avoided by looking for warning signs that the toner has run out.

Printer warnings

This is the most obvious warning sign. All modern printers are able to detect low toner levels and indicate low toner warning lights. A message will also appear on the computer screen showing the same warning. This warning is issued when toner levels get very low, even as the printer continues printing.

Low toner coverage (blank spaces)

If the printer is missing areas here and there, the toner is running out. If you notice that some parts get so faint or even remain blank, it is a sure sign that the toner is running low.

Clumps and spots

Sometimes streaks from on the paper when the toner runs low and the toner clumps.  Streaks are made by uneven spread of the toner. This can be temporarily remedied by shaking the toner to have a more even spread before the toner finally runs out.

Faded color

Faint and faded colors are a clear indicator of low toner. Sometimes the colors could even appear differently for example black looking like grey.

Loss of other functions

Some modern printers come with multiple functions like scanning and copying. These functions will stop because they are connected to the printing function and all fail together.

Laser toners can print anything between 2,000-20,000 pages before running out.  Some printer brands have introduced recyclable toners that can be refilled. This can be done 2 or 3 times before the toner is completely useless.

You may still get a few more good prints from toner even when the toner light comes on. Some printers lock up when this light comes on, this is the place you don’t want to be.

If toner replacement is a burden, call Action Imaging Group to discuss service options.

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