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Copiers, Printers and Scanners

Why Every Business Is Running To Get a Multi-Functional Devices for Copiers, Printers and Scanners in Tucson 

Computers have taken over the business world, in the literal sense of things. Their rule over the market space has no equal, and every business owner knows it. Like the comet that crash landed on the earth billions of years ago, every business that tried to resist computers was squashed into oblivion. So it makes sense to run your business using modern technology doesn’t it?

That means taking digitizing all those physical pieces of paper you write up every day. From invoices, timesheets, memos, and even the odd I-owe-you, should be transformed into its proper digital format.

But I have tons of files in my basement, all with important business papers. Isn’t it going to take a several millennia to digitize those? And what about the cost?

These are valid questions every business owner asks before realizing the benefits of digitizing documents. So, if these represent some of the concerns you have on adopting multi-functional devices for copiers, printers and scanners in Tucson, here are the main business changing advantages of digitizing your paper archives, and future paper work.

 Advantages of Document Digitization


This has happened to almost every business out there. You catch a flight to attend a meeting out of state. You land at the airport only to realize you’ve left an important document back at the office. What do you do? Call FedEx and hope they bring the document in time for the meeting?

Digitizing your documents nips such inconveniences in the bud. Once you’ve transformed paper into its digital equivalent, and implemented a document management system in your office, you can access it from almost anywhere there’s an internet connection.


Hot behind accessibility is being able to collaborate on projects. With your documents stored as images, spreadsheets, PDFs, or any other format, you can easily have members of your team work on one document without having to make copies and FedEx-ing a team member two states over.


Using physical paper has its limitations. The greatest limitation you already have is storage. A medium business uses up to <facts> which takes up a lot of space.

By converting physical paper into digital formats, you end up saving the space that would have normally been allocated to file cabinets and shelfs. All this is easily done by scanning your physical paper getting multi-functional devices for copiers, printers and scanners in Tucson. You’ll save time, money, and even avoid going the way of the dinosaurs.


Document Management


Document Management Solutions in Tucson

Acquisition of Big Data for Small Businesses

Data is the bread and butter of the modern business machine. Businesses feed and thrive off data. Data from customers, suppliers, and just about any market-related data is crucial for the survival of the modern business, no matter the size. A while ago, a small family-owned company in North Carolina turned cabinets of ledgers and other kinds of paperwork into a goldmine. How? You may ask?

Twiddy & Company, the name of the company, turned to data the company had collected for years to predict accurately the number of people who would rent its properties in a given period. The data was so valuable that it has helped Twiddy & Company not only improve its bottom line but help property owners in the region cash in on the profit. And this was all because someone in the family saw it as good business to religiously scan every document coming in or going out of the business. Twiddy & Company is a small business by any standards. It’s owned by family members and operates in an area most people wouldn’t call business-like environment.

Your business may operate in a bustling, high-octane, pedal-to-the-metal kind of business environment. If you’re not capturing every bit of data your business interacts with every second, then you’re losing out on ways to make your business better, how to edge out the competition, and most importantly, how to turn a profit. Before you ask how you can capture those niggly small transactions, here’s the solution: get some document management solutions in Tucson. You don’t have to be in North Carolina to start managing your data better.

With the hardware, you can scan anything, digitize it, store it in a database and let machine learning algorithms do the rest. You never know what nifty patterns they’ll discern from the data heap. A way to better market your product to your customers? New ways to involve staff in your business model? Finding the right coffee maker?

Seriously, big data is big business, and if you’re not getting into it right now, your competitors will make short work of you in a near, and possibly bleak business future.

Most Small Business Owners are afraid of getting on the big data wagon because they think they are not big enough to use the data. Owners think that the likes of Google, Amazon, and other tech giants are the perfect sparring partners for big data. But what they don’t know is, small businesses account for the largest employment numbers in the United States. That is, small businesses are the economic drive train of the country. Without them, Google and Amazon would have nothing to stand on. So if small businesses aren’t leveraging big data, then no one else should.

Phone Systems

phone systems

Phone Systems in Tucson

5 Benefits Your Business Is Missing Out On Right Now

There’s nowhere more appropriate to use the term underdog than when referring small businesses. Small businesses and their owners have to punch continually above their weight if they are to stay afloat, leave alone break even. Like the tiny salmon, small businesses have to swim against the current, and make it upstream without getting smothered by their larger, well-funded counterparts.

Luckily, though, the tiny salmon has access to a set of tools their big brother has always used to gain a competitive advantage. Technology. Now, a small business with the right product or service has the same chance of capturing and wowing the consumer market, just like any other big company out there.

Unlike the old days when small businesses had to be simultaneously innovative and find a way to reach potential customers on a budget, today, all a small business needs to bring to the table is innovation. The rest is ironed out by communications technology.

Therefore, communication is a paramount factor for small businesses, and choosing the right communication infrastructure is downright necessary. The manager or the owner needs to be able to communicate with employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders no matter where they are, and do it in the most cost-effective way.

In comes Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short. VoIP allows people to communicate through a cacophony of ways, unlike traditional communication infrastructures. A person can use voice calls, video calls, and Email. That means your business gets one infrastructure capable of handling almost every form business communication in use today. Which means you don’t have to install different systems for different forms of communication. And that means you save a huge chunk of change when you get phone systems in Tucson to install VoIP infrastructure for your small business.

Here are some features you and business enjoy by getting VoIP systems:

Voicemail to Email: the service allows any voicemail left in the VoIP system to be handed over to a transcriber which converts it to text and sends it to an email server. It allows you to respond to calls faster compared to going through the voicemail.

Conferencing: VoIP offers a cost efficient way of bringing groups of people together. You can create a conference call between your research department and the manufacturing department a continent away easily, seamlessly and most importantly, on a budget.

Automated Attendant: Voice calls on the system are automatically routed to the right person, avoiding a lot of mix-ups and frustrations, kind of the ones you get when you call the cable company.